This NEW KRENDL WIRELESS LL REMOTE* is durable, with a long life and allows your crews to work on any

project without interruption. With our 800’-1000’ line of site range, this rugged remote allows your crew to start

and stop equipment with a touch of a button. Our hand-held LED transmitter hosts a LED relay showing

strength of battery power. Adding to its long life is a long-range of transmission; meaning this remote can

be “user ready” for weeks at a time before needing to be charged. The KRENDL LL REMOTE is weatherproof and

with its sturdy durability makes it “construction site strong”, so no worries about dropping or getting

stepped on.

Maintenance Kits


Whether your Krendl machine is 2 or 20 years old, help sustain its performance with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Our  Maintenance Kits Product Series will keep your projects and machines  running on schedule.

Kits are recommended for at least  every 100 hours of use.

Our quick, one stop shop maintenance kits are tailored to each machine we produce to keep them in great shape

Maintenance Kits for your machines include:
* Filter
* Lubricant
* Airlocks Seals
* Grease
* Gear Lube
* Weatherstrip
* Instructions



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