GV240 Gas Powered Vacuum

Theory of Operation:

This unit is designed to move all existing attic loose fill insulation, batt insulation and new insulation materials from the job site and deliver them directly to a designated area such as a filter bag, dumpster, etc.  Utilizing the vacuum defender when removing loose fill material from an attic or other areas that have debris such as nails, wood chunks, etc, will help protect the vacuum from the potential damage and or excessive wear.




44″L x39″Wx 38″H

Power Requirements

627cc, 23hp/3600rpm (no load) -Briggs & Stratton

688cc, 22.1hp/3600rpm (no load) – Honda

725cc, 23.5hp/3600rpm (no load) – Kohler



Fan Size/Type

20″ (50.8cm) diameter steel fan with abrasion resistant steel blades

GV240 8" Batt Package

Part No.DescriptionQty.
GV24023Hp Gas Vacuum 8"1
H8008" x 50' Hose 3.25
4000-388" Hose Clamp7
3828" Connector2
GV100-BAGVacuum Bag10

GV240 6" BAtt/Loose Fill Package

Part No.DescriptionQty.
Gv24023 Hp Vacuum 8"1
GVDEFENDERVacuum Defender1
H8008" x50' Hose .5
4000-388" Hose Clamps3
361P-BLK8"-6 Reducer1
H6006" x 50' Hose3
3416" Hose Clamops7
VH550-56" Connector2
GV-100-BAGVacuum BAgs10

Gv240 4" Loose fill Package

Part No.DesriptionQty.
Gv24023 hp Vacuum 8"1
GVDEFENDERVacuum Defender1
H8008" x 50' Hose .5
4000-388" Hose Clamp3
361p-BLK8" - 6" Reducer1
H6006" x 50' Hose 1
3416" Hose Clamp3
371p6"-4" Reducer1
3404" Clamp4
H3304" x 50' Hose 2
3814" Connector 1
2500600-BVacuum Wand 4" 1
Gv100-BAGVacuum Bags10