Recycle Machines

The compact Krendl #550 all-fiber (airlock) recycle machine is light weight and has minimal electrical requirements. With increased portability and the mobility to be maneuvered in and out of a truck makes the model #550 a good choice for the small professional contractor who is just getting started in the wall spraying business.

The model #550 recycle machine has an airlock that positions recycled material in-line with the flow of air and dry material from a primary machine. Connecting the model #550 in-line with a primary machine will provide the blowing power desired. Note: The product density, variable blowing conditions, and the size of the primary machine will affect the production rate of the #550 recycle machine.

Weight Dimensions Power Requirements Hopper Capacity Airlock Blowers/Sizes
394 lbs. (178 kg.) 27″W X 40″D X 46″H (69cm. W X 111cm. D X 117cm. H) single input, 15amp/120volt/60hz, w/remote 8 cu. ft. (.22m3) 12 cu. ft. (.34m3) w/Extension 10″ x 12″ diameter (25.4cm. x 30.5cm. diameter) 3″ (7.6cm.) outlet for blowing hose 3″ (7.6cm.) inlet for in-line machine hook-up 8 amp/2-stage (120volt)


Packages & Options

Gas Vacuum GV180 Gas Vacuum, 18 HP
Recycle Equipment VH550 Vacuum Hopper Assy.
Recycle Equipment VH550-B Vacuum Hopper Assy(w/bin level/blast gate)





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