Commercial Spray-On System

Commercial spray is the spray application of fiber with adhesive to a properly prepared surface which will remain exposed.

The application must be impacted in a smooth, uniform manner with adequate supply of adhesive, to assure a visually attractive, long lasting application.

Blowing Machine:

An all-fiber airlock machine providing a precise metered flow of fiber and generating sufficient velocity from the blowers to impact material in vertical and overhead applications.


Equipment Requirements

347 Glue Kit

Container holding sufficient quantity of adhesive, covered with lid, protects glue from fiber contamination. The glue kit has an externally accessible filter system to prevent clogging of spray nozzle tips and appropriate size, suction, bypass, and pressure hoses.

The glue kit includes the barrel, lid, in-line filter, hoses and fittings. The heavy duty plastic barrel and lid has a 48 gallon (181 liter) capacity. The lid, which protects the glue from fiber contamination, is fitted with a PVC stand pipe, an externally replaceable screen to filter the glue, and a quick disconnecting fitting.

A reinforced suction hose attaches to this fitting delivering glue to the pump while an overflow hose recirculates the glue back to the barrel. One hundred feet (30.5m.) of 3/8″ I.D. (9.5mm.) glue hose is fitted with a coupling for use in attaching it to the spray nozzle. (When ordering, the pump manufacturer must be indicated to match appropriate hoses for suction, pressure, and overflow recirculation.) Various custom lengths of 3/8″ I.D. (10.3mm.) and 1/2″ I.D. (12.7mm.) pressure hose are also available upon request.


348 Pump Motor Assembly

Capable of pumping adhesive with the required pressure (p.s.i.), capacity (g.p.m.) and smoothness of spray pattern. Includes: control bypass assembly with pressure gauge and shut-off ball valve, fittings for input, discharge and bypass recirculation hoses. Units are easily cleaned by running water through the system for a few minutes immediately after use. The TEFC overload protected electric motor operates on 120/240volt 60hz and supplies adequate power for standard spray-on applications. The units are mounted on a steel base with belt guard and convenient carrying handle. Larger motors providing higher pressure and capacity are available upon request on the MP-20 pump and M-03. (230volt/50hz available for export) [hoses and in-line filter available upon request.


349 Commercial Nozzle

A narrow, flat orifice increases the velocity and dispersal of fiber while maintaining a smooth flowing, multiple jet spray pattern which will fully encapsulate the fibers. The commercial nozzle has a narrow, flat orifice to increase the dispersing, velocity and impact of fiber. This will maintain a flat, smooth flowing spray pattern which will fully encapsulate the fibers.


  • all-aluminum spray head
  • 2,4,6 or 8 jet
  • 2″ (5.1cm.) or 2 1/2″ (6.4cm.) diameter connection for insulation supply hose
  • stainless steel standard #40015 tips (2″ nozzle) or #4002 tips (2 1/2″ nozzle)
  • 3/8″ (9.5mm.) hose connection with shut-off ball valve for liquid adhesive supply hose (additional tip sizes available upon request)


  • 2″ (5.1cm.) nozzle: 1.4 lbs. (.6kg.)
  • 2 1/2″ (6.4cm.) nozzle: 1.6 lbs. (.7kg.)

Commercial Nozzles

349C-2.52-1/2″ Commercial Spray Nozzle 4 or 6 Jet (Less Tips)

Commercial Spray Tips

SS4001 Commercial Spray Tips (.026 opening)

Commercial Spray Tips

SS4002 Commercial Spray Tips (.036 opening)

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