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Model 425 Insulation Machine

Usage: DIY/Rental

Style: Airlock

Material: Cellulose, Fiberglass

Production Rate: 1,200 lbs/hr 545 kg/hr

Hopper Capacity: 7 cu. ft./ .20m3

The 425 is a proven leader in the do-it-yourself rental market. Designed for low maintenance, rugged performance and portability, the 425 provides a large hopper capacity with user friendly controls.


lbs/hr (kg/hr) rating with 100ft. (30.5m.) of 2 1/2″ (6.4cm.) hose at 10ft. (3.1cm.) elevation

w/single 8amp 2-stage blower w/single 14 amp 2-stage blower
Material lbs/hr – kg/hr lbs/hr – kg/hr
CELLULOSE 1100 / 499 1200 / 545
MINERAL FIBER 600 / 272 800 / 363
FIBERGLASS 200 / 91 300 / 136

Product density and variable blowing conditions will affect production rate. One 2-stage, 14 amp blower recommended for maximum performance.

Weight: 220 lbs. (100 kg.)

Dimensions: 36"W X 21"D X 44"H (91cm. W X 53cm. D X 112cm. H)

Power Requirements: double input, 15amps each/120volt/60hz w/ 14amp blower single input, 15amp/120volt/60hz w/ 8amp blower

Hopper Capacity: 7 cu. ft./ .20m3

Airlock: 14" x 8" diameter (35.6cm. x 20.3cm. diameter) 2 1/2" (6.4cm.) outlet for blowing hose

Blowers Sizes: 8 amp/2-stage (120volt) 14 amp/2-stage (120volt)

Additional Information:

Features and benefits

  • Recessed on/off switch provides safety and protection of electrical components
  • Safety guards and hopper bars provide operator safety
  • Modular component design for quick disassembly/reassembly for easy troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Slide out airlock for easy maintenance and replacement of seals.
  • Removeable hopper for quick and easy access to the airlock
  • Dual (2) agitators that enhance the conditioning of fibers
  • 1/2 hp Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Gear Motor (470 in/lb torque) for long life
  • Extra heavy, nickel plated #40 chain with hardened steel sprockets provides a corrosion/abrasion resistant drive system
  • Improved blower filter design for less filter maintenance
  • 100 ft. (30.5) hardwired remote control cord and single on/off switch provide easy on or off operation of feed and blower
  • 10 amp thermal overload protection for agitator motor for complete protection of the material feed motor
  • 1/2 amp glass fuse protection for transformer provide properly sized fuse protection on the 1 amp transformer
  • 120volt/60Hz S.I. w/2-stage 8 amp blower OR 120volt/60Hz D.I. w/2-stage 14 amp blower are user friendly for hooking up to a single        or a double 15 amp line power