Want to Find Out More?

Want to Find Out More?

About Us

Innovators In Fiber Moving Equipment

Krendl Machine Company has been a leading innovator in the design and manufacturing of insulation equipment for more than 55 years.

We’re proud to build our legacy here – in the USA. And we understand our customers’ demand for durability, efficiency and prompt service. So, we offer a full range of quality equipment to meet your needs for working with every type of fiber – cellulose, fiberglass, and Spider® hybrid insulation – and we back our machines with top-notch technical support.

At the end of the day, it’s about your success and the equipment choices you make to get there. Do it right the first time, with Krendl.


The Original Krendl

With every Krendl product, you’re working with a family tradition of engineering and manufacturing expertise.

The Krendl family’s entrepreneurial style dates back to 1964 when Jack Krendl purchased Krendl Machine Company from his father, Frank Krendl. In his role of designer, engineer and builder Jack applied his expertise as a tool and die maker to create high quality insulation blowing machines and emerge as a pioneer in a new era of fiberglass blowing machines and equipment for energy efficiency.

Since 2000, Krendl has engineered and manufactured our machines at our nearly 70,000 sq. ft. facility in Delphos, Ohio. From the ground up, this endeavor has been designed to enhance our production, service and logistics capabilities in order to meet the needs of today’s professional installers, contractors and distributors across the country and around the world.

Applications Solutions

At Krendl Machine Company, our objective is to meet the needs of the worldwide insulation equipment industry, now and in the future.

  • Retail insulation applications
  • Professional insulation contractors
  • Professional application of fireproofing
  • Professional application of wall cavity/commercial spray-on fibers
  • Industrial fiber feeders for the hot mix asphalt road industry
  • Specialty fiber feeding/metering applications