Truck & Trailer Mounted Systems

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Truck & Trailer Mounted Systems

 Krendl Machine Company offers the highest quality fiber moving equipment. Our goal in fact is to create the highest quality machines in the world! Whether you are interested in do-it-yourself/equipment rentals or professional contracting, Krendl Machine has the right Fiber Moving equipment for you!

KS-260 Truck System

truck mounted insulation blowing machineKrendl Machine would like to introduce the KS260 Wall Spray System for insulation contractors. We have manufactured the KS250 Truck Spray System for over six years and have received valuable feedback from many customers. In response to these suggestions, we have re-designed our truck system to reflect those changes and updgrades. The KS260 WallSpray System provides contractors with a more streamlined, modernized and efficient system.  Read more: KS-260 Truck System



Contractors Truck/Trailer System

The Contractors Truck/Trailer System is designed to help the contractor build a wall spray system depending on the budget he is working on.

  • Customer can supply their own truck/trailer or Krendl Machine can supply the truck/trailer.
  • Low cost truck/trailer system.
  • Choose the equipment that best fits your needs.
  • Dry Machine (2300, 2800-G or 4000)
  • Recycle Machine (550 & VH550 Package)
  • Gas Vacuum (18HP) or Belt Driven Gas Vacuum (23HP)
  • 135 Gallon Water Tank System
  • Generator Sizes (15KW) or (17.5KW)


6,5200 lbs


All Equipment must be installed by Krendl Machine Company

Packages & Options


ST328 Hose Reel, 36″, Wall
ST329 Hose Reel Assy, 44″, Wall
H419 Hose, Vacuflex, 2-1/2″
H330 Hose, Flexhaust, 4″X50′
H319 Hose, Flexhaust, 3″X50′
349WC2.5-2-M Nozzle WC 2.5″, 2 Jet (No Tips)
QVVA2502 Tips, Spray Nozzle
QVVA25015 Tips, Spray Nozzle
367C-4 Int Wet Sys Pkg-4″
359 Reducer Tube, 3″ To 2-1/2″
380 Tube, Conn. STL 3″ X 5″L
381 Tube, Conn. STL. 4″ X 5″L
250600-B Wand, Vacuum Approx. 4′
349BP27LE-AL Wall Scrubber, 27″ Parallel
Wireless Remote Control
GV180-KIT Reducer Hose Kit
339A & 340 2 1/2″, 3″ & 4″ Hose Clamps

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