Trailer System

The Contractors Truck System is designed to help the contractor build a wall spray system depending on the budget he is working on.

  • Customer can supply their own truck or Krendl Machine can supply truck.
  • Low cost truck system.
  • Choose the equipment that best fits your needs.
  • Dry Machine (2300)
  • Recycle Machine (550 & VH550 Package)
  • Gas Vacuum (18HP) or Electric Vacuum (10HP)
  • Generator Sizes (35KW Diesel) or (45KW Diesel)


Listed below are the different components that can make up the Contractors Truck System

Packages & Options

KSCon Included with Contractors Truck Systems

ST328 Hose Reel, 36″, Wall
ST329 Hose Reel Assy, 44″, Wall
H419 Hose, Vacuflex, 2-1/2″
H400 Hose, Smooth Bore, 4″X50′
H319 Hose, Flexhaust, 3″X50′
349WC2.5-2-MG Nozzle WC 2.5″, 2 Jet (No Tips)
QVVA2502 Tips, Spray Nozzle
QVVA25015 Tips, Spray Nozzle
367C-5-KS250 Int Wet Sys Pkg-5″
250902 24 Ft. Van Body, Includes Door Kits
359 Reducer Tube, 3″ To 2-1/2″
380 Tube, Conn. STL 3″ X 5″L
381 Tube, Conn. STL. 4″ X 5″L
250600-B Wand, Vacuum Approx. 4′
349BP27LE Wall Scrubber, 27″ Parallel
356 Wireless Remote Control
250995 Tool/Storage Box (60″x24″x24″)